Saving Money

Or what can we do ourselves, are two other questions that we are often asked.  As I said earlier, there are many ways to save money while building your home and we are happy to share those with you. The first one is to have us involved from the beginning.

If your home is designed by an architect or home designer, most of which have never built a home, it is going to cost you a lot more money than it should or could.  Don’t go out and buy a set of plans from a magazine or the internet no matter how good they look. They were not drawn with Oregon’s code in mind and will not work in Oregon. If you do buy from a magazine or the internet they will have to be redrawn.

Next without getting to technical into Oregon’s code, there are things you can do or avoid during the design process that can save you thousands of dollars later. The next big area that owners can save money building their home is doing some work themselves. This obviously has pros and cons for both the home owner and the builder. Many builders don’t allow home owners to do any work because it sometimes causes problems and delays.

We feel it is an owner’s right and we will help and owners any way we can.  There are areas however, that because of our experience over the years with owners doing their own work, we may steer you towards and or away from, but ultimately it’s up to you.


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