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Hire Mccubbins Quality Homes as your Sweet Home Builder: Building the Highest Quality Custom Homes in Sweet Home, Lebanon, Albany, Santiam, and the Willamette Valley. Besides building custom homes, we also specialize in designing spectacular water features and landscaping. We even design and build beautiful decks and rock facing to accent your home.
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About McCubbins Quality Homes
We build every house like we are building it for ourselves. During the construction process there are many opportunities to cut corners and turn a blind eye towards something that needs attention. You may never know, but we will not do that. We will do the right thing, the right way, every time, even if you never see it, because that is the way we build.

We have vision. My son Gabe and I are both very visual. We can see the project from beginning to end in our minds eye. We see colors, textures, interior and exterior details that will help guide you through the decision making process. We love to take your ideas and make them reality. Use our vision and experience to your advantage.

Meet Danny McCubbins
Dan grew up working with his father, Frank, who taught him the requirements of a successful business: hard work, honesty, dependability and the quality of your work. Dan’s interest in building started at home, but was refined in high school and college where he continued his training in construction, woodworking and architectural drafting. Dan started his own construction business at 19 and was well received because of his extensive experience.
Dan volunteered for Sweet Home Ambulance when home building took a severe decline in the early 80’s. Back to college he went to get more training and after a year he was hired on as an EMT. Dan worked as a Sweet Home paramedic/firefighter for 11 years. He reached the rank of Lieutenant in the Fire Department and served as the training officer for the Ambulance/Rescue and Fire Department. His love of building drove him to build and remodel homes on his days off.

In the early 90’s, Dan accepted a position in Portland with Northwest Medical Teams to develop and oversee the first of its kind Mobile Medical/Dental Van. He soon became their Disaster Team Coordinator and met every challenge head on. In just two years Dan’s Mobile Medical Van was personally honored by President Bush and chosen as one of the White House’s Thousand Points of Light.

In a desire to return to their roots (and get out of Portland) Danny and Lisa returned back to friends, family and full time construction in 1999. Now with his oldest son at his side, the McCubbins quickly became the most sought after builders in the area. They continue to enjoy a great reputation as solid, dependable, honest, and a talented team of craftsman that show no sign of slowing down as one of the areas premiere builders.