Why We Are Different

Why McCubbins

I guess what makes us better than others in my mind is #1 we will do what we say we are  going to do and do it right the first time. We don’t cut corners to save cost, we use all kiln dried lumber so we don’t have any mold issues down the road, we are completely honest about what it will take to complete you project and any obstacles we may face.  I started building in 1974 at the age of 16, became a contractor and built my first home at the age of 19 and now have over 38 years of building and remodeling experience in and around the Willamette valley.

We are a family owned business and I have raised  my son Gabe, to have the same values and customer care that I was raised to have. We are not only building houses, but a legacy of craftsmanship, honesty, dependability, and a reputation of quality workmanship that we want to pass on to the next generation of McCubbins that they can carry on no matter what they choose to do.  We build every house with the same foresight, care and quality, like it is our own.  We take pride in our work, and our ability to put out a great product, at an affordable price.

There is a lot that goes into the building of a house that owners will never see, areas that you can skip by on or pass over because it’s good enough or because no one will ever know until maybe months or even years later.  We will let others cut corners and sacrifice quality to make an extra buck or get the lowest bid, we will not only do the right thing, well will go beyond what normal builder do to make sure your home is problem free and built to last not only your lifetime but maybe even you children’s lifetime.

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Lumber We prefer to use only kiln dried lumber in the houses Read More we build for a number of reasons. First, it eliminates the two weeks of drying time required to get the lumber down to a 12% moisture level, before the insulation and sheetrock. Second, it virtually eliminates any chance of having a mold problem within your walls. And last, we use kiln dried lumber all year long because, even in the summer months kiln dried lumber does not tend to twist or warp like green lumbe

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Why Mccubbins HONESTY, DEPENDABILITY, CRAFTMANSHIP, and AFFORDABILITY Read More These are some of the things you hope for when searching for a builder/contractor. But unfortunately all too often, most builders/contractors fall way short of our expectations. We have all heard the nightmare stories that many people have experienced with a contractor who left someone with a terrible job, or left the job completely with their hard earned money, never to be seen again. REPUTATION At McCubbins Quality Homes our reputation as one of the areas premier builders speaks for its self. We take pride in our long list of happy customers and returning clients. Some people think you must not be much of a builder if you choose to work out of a small town, but we enjoy the small town and its lifestyle. We understand the economy in the area and do all we can to help you budget and get all you can for your money. NO SURPRISES No one likes surprises when it comes to construction and neither do we. That is why it is important for us to have quality, open communication from beginning to end with our clients. We are one of the few companies who allow clients the flexibility to do some of the work themselves if they wish, and, or save money on selective items that may come on sale during the construction process. On selective items like, appliances, floor coverings and lighting, you and I together, set up a budget for your home. If during construction, you find a deal that is below your budgeted price, that savings is passed directly on to you.These are just a few of the many reasons to choose McCubbins Quality Homes for your next construction project. With over thirty years experience in custom home building and remodeling Dan McCubbins comes to the table with a wealth of experience, vision and leadership to turn your dreams into reality.